How to Clean Binoculars

How to Clean Binoculars

When you have a binocular one question which keeps on popping in the mind is how to clean binoculars especially how to clean binoculars from inside. This article will help you in making cleaning procedure of binoculars an easier task.

How to Clean Binoculars

Possessing a binocular needs some of the tricks for its longevity also. These tricks include interior and exterior cleaning.

The following steps will help you to clean your binoculars with ease with special attention on cleaning binocular lenses.

Cleaning Binocular Lenses

Step 1: Use the User Manual

Firstly it is imperatively important to give a thorough reading of the user manual. Though the basic working of all binoculars is the same there could be few specific differences.

Reading a manual is vague but it is needed to get a piece of information in what to and what not like some of the binocular manuals specifically mention not to use chemicals while cleaning the glass.

Step 2: Always Use Lenses Cap

Your binocular has come up with an extra pair of covering. You should habituate yourself to use the lens cap all the time unless you are glassing. The lens is the most sensitive and major tool of a binocular therefore it requires extra care also. Make the lens cap dust free from time to time so that dust doesn’t stick around the lens. Also, try to purchase binoculars that come with a lens cap. Otherwise, go for one as it is a must when it comes to cleaning the binocular.

Step 3: Cleaning the Exterior Part

The exterior part of a binocular has to go through all the tough weather conditions. Its wear and tear are comparatively more than the rest of the parts. Though cleaning the exterior is an easy task as you just have to damp the cloth and clean the exterior body part. You can also use peroxide solution to clean the exterior.

Step 4: Dusting

The dusting of the exterior part could be done regularly. But try to make sure that you should not dust the interior and Lens part also in the same place.
•  For the dusting of the lens, the blower should be used.
•  The electronic blower should be avoided in most of the cases as it will lead to clogging of dust particles in the corner.
•  The second most important thing in dusting is a fine bristle brush which will remove the tiny particles without causing any damage to the lens.
•  Also, use the silk cloth that comes with the binoculars to clean the lenses.
•  Always remember that cleaning of the lens doesn’t need any elbow strength. Gentle and light strength is all that is needed to achieve the lens cleaning.

Step 5: Clean Binoculars from Inside

The first thing is don’t clean the interior of the vision. For cleaning the interior it requires assembly and reassembly of the binoculars. Always de-assemble your binocular only when you are pretty sure that you can reassemble it perfectly. Otherwise, it is advisable to take the help of any technician for the same. When disassembly is done, the cap is removed and the focus mechanism is exposed. Clean it with a damp cloth or by manual dust blower and reassemble it again.

Final Verdict

While cleaning your binocular always remember that less is more. You are going to damage the glasses of your binocular. So, put your OCD behind and clean the binoculars once in a month or even more time margin could be taken. Especially, if you want the best binoculars for the money.

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