Binoculars vs Telescope Which One is the Best?

Binoculars vs Telescope

If we consider on the broad platform, binoculars and telescope actually serve the same purpose. But, if minutely analyzed both serve a different purpose based on the objectives. In this article, we will try to point out the main differences and the use of both binoculars and telescope.

Feature 1: View

The difference in the number of lenses leads to create a difference in the view. More lenses provide an image in the larger dimension. It is worth mentioning that the quality of the lens also matters in the same way.

Binocular: Binoculars consist of two lenses and eyepiece. As binoculars consist of two lenses they provide the view in width as compared to a telescope

Telescope: The telescope consists of only one lens and one eyepiece. The lens of the telescope is comparatively larger which leads to more space for light to come inside. This leads to finer and crisper images.

How Far Can Binoculars See

Feature 2: Magnification

Magnification ensures how clearly you are going to watch the image. How far can binoculars see and so do telescope depends upon lens and magnification.

Binocular: Binoculars have a magnification of the range of 6 to 12 points. The magnification points mean the image will be sized to twelve times larger than the original object. A tripod should be preferred for this magnification as with shaky hands, image magnification decreases.

Telescope: Telescope has magnification around 20 to 30 points. A higher magnification leads to spending more dollars. Therefore, magnification from the telescope will be more than binoculars but at more prices compared to later. Telescope can’t be used without a tripod .while in the case of binoculars it is more of optional. Telescope also requires more zooming which affects the quality of the image. Therefore, a tripod is a must with a telescope

Feature 3: Usability

If you are nature watcher binoculars should be your first preference as it will provide you with a wider image of the scenery. If you are watching a stationary object its superficial details like body and feather could be easily differentiated. It has a medium range zoom which provides the required picture quality. Binoculars are more suitable for an object in motion while the telescope is more preferred for a stationary object.

Binocular: You can watch an object from a binocular from a specific distance which is less than the telescope. So, if you are far distant from the object telescope should be preferred.

Telescope: Telescope could be used to watch a stationary object; a tripod is always needed for the telescope. The magnification provided by it will be larger and more specific details like the structure of feather can be seen with it.

Feature 4: Astronomy

Selecting the right tool for astronomy depends upon the objective. If you want to see the terrestrial object in depth you need another tool than a simple night watching.

Binocular: Binoculars can give you a night view but can’t provide specifications the same as a telescope.

Telescope: Telescope has a monopoly when it comes to astronomy. You can watch a magnified image of an astronomical object with detail precision

Feature 5: Picture Taker

What helps you the best in photography again depends upon the kind of photography needed.

Binocular: Binocular is not the best option when it comes to taking pictures but in the limited range, it could be used. Best hunting binoculars will be something which provides a wider image and how far can binoculars see.

Telescope: If photography is what you like most then telescope will be a great help for you as compared to binoculars. Though, the adapter is used to fill the gap between binoculars and telescope. But still, if photography is your first preference then telescope should be your choice.

Final Recount


In the case of a view, binocular is more preferred for a broader natural view while for far objects telescope should be preferred.


Both have their own niches. For natural scenery and outdoor binoculars are preferred.


The telescope is the clear winner in astronomy.

Picture view

Telescope provides for finer and magnified view as compared to binoculars

Pros and Cons



• It is comparatively cheaper than a telescope
• More portable
• More easy to use and clean in general


• It has less magnification than a telescope.
• Cannot use for the astronomical purpose



• More magnified image
• Can be used for various purposes
• Can be used from more distance


• Less portable than Binocular
• Do not provide the width of the image
• Costly

Final Verdict

Purchasing any of them depends upon your needs. You need binoculars or telescope for bird watching depending upon your objective. So, know your objective and make a smart purchase.

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