8x Versus 10x Binoculars: Which One is Better For You?

8x vs 10x Binoculars

If you are a bird watcher, hunter or a traveler, you may incline towards the 10x binocular. Also, because of its higher magnification, thousands of people virtually gravitate to the 10x. They just think that they will see a better image with a binocular which will show you an object 10 times closer than a binocular which will show you the same object 8 times closer.

But you should not expel 8x binocular just because of that reason. Instead of dismissing 8x, you ought to know that it offers a wider field of view and give your eyes more relief by providing a larger exit pupil than 10x binocular. But there are some good reasons why 10x binoculars are the default optic for many people.

You have to evaluate and analyze that when and where these 2 types of binos would meet your requirements. It depends on your needs and suitability that which one you should go for. Be it an aviary park, in the field or extrinsic sands of Sahara no matter it is 8x or 10x, both will increase the possibility of your success and survival at times. 

Let’s First Look at the Pros and Cons of Both the Binoculars

8x Binocular


  • High powered
  • Increase image stability
  • Larger exit pupil
  • Cheaper than 10x Binoculars
  • Wider field of view
  • For close distance glassing


  • Lower power for identification/details
  • Less practical for open field glassing

10x Binocular


  • Better twilight factor
  • Suitable for open/wide field glassing
  • Better image quality for details/identification
  • Further distance reach
  • High powered


  • Smaller exit pupil
  • The narrower field of view

Being Activity Specific

Let’s check some of the common activities to narrow down your search and confusion that which binocular will be appropriate for you (8x versus 10x binoculars) –

1. Bow Hunting

As you all know, the arrow does not go far, so you would not need an extra reach for bow hunting. Bow hunting can also make you stalk deep into the woods, so 10x binocular will not help you much. This is where 8x will be compatible as per your need. It will give you a wider field of view which will help you in locating and following moving targets especially when you are in deep woods.

2. Rifle Hunting

The reach of the rifle is at a great distance. In this case, you will surely need a maximum reach. This is where 10x will serve you better as it can help you spot your prey effortlessly (if you know hunting) before they spot you.

3. Birding

Some birders use 8x binoculars while birding while some use 10x. The larger exit pupil and the wider field of view of the 8x binoculars will make you spot a bird handily even if they are flying fast rather than the 10x binos. However, if you are glassing for huge and slower moving birds like shores and raptors, you don’t need the larger exit pupil and a wider field of view then. At this point, you would need better quality details and identification which is equipped in 10x binocular.

4. Safari

The question of many people is which one they should take along – 8x or 10x binoculars for safari? Whether you are exploring in the iciest tundras of north or hunting in the African plains of any safari, you can make an expedition on a safari where you dare brave. Dare brave does not mean going too close to the prey and get spotted and get leaped off. It should be done from far if you are doing. In this case, you would require the 10x bino. Spotting in dense safaris like Congo, you would not need binos for far vision. This can be achieved by lower powered binocular or by searching and opting for some best budget binoculars for safari online. 

Being Feature Specific

Best Budget Binoculars For Safari

Both are versatile optics and you may not be concerned about how to use these binoculars. Let’s look which binocular wins over the other (8x versus 10x binoculars)

1. Image Stability

The more is the power, the inferior image quality you will experience. The slightest movements and tremors of the hands can spoil your glassing. It is always debatable when we talk about the image stability in 10x or 8x but, if we talk about both the binoculars, image quality and stability is not really an issue in any of them. Slighter image quality is better in 10x binoculars as compared to 8x binocular.

2. Field of View

It is noticed and experienced that 8x binocular will provide a wider field of view than 10x binos.

3. Exit Pupil

8x binocular provides a larger exit pupil for 5.25 mm whereas 4.2 mm is given by 10x.

4. Twilight Factor

Due to the identical aperture and with the better light gathering capabilities, the twilight factor of 10x is better than 8x binoculars. Twilight factor is defined as an idea of image clarity that will be seen even in low light conditions.

Which One is Best for you?

Now by reading the above pros and cons, features and specifics of the 8x binoculars and 10x binoculars, you will get the precise idea of which one you should buy as per your use, requirement, and desire. The only thing here to consider before buying any binocular is that it does not just depend on magnification, which most people believe in.

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